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All Art4Kids products are proudly made in the USA!
Art 4 Kids - What you need to know about us
What You Need to Know About Art 4 Kids
Selecting Images
Exclusive Images

All pictures with the Art4Kids Logo logo are published by Creative Images and are only available through Creative Images. These images are the best value and always in stock for quick shipping.

Variety of Presentation Formats

Art4Kids™ is available in a variety of presentation formats to offer you a choice in the price point and look most suitable to your customer base and merchandising style. .

Selecting A Style

Once you have chosen your image you need to select your style.

All images are available in these six formats: Contemporary Mount (Beveled Edge), Creative Canvas Wrap, Framed, Framed Canvas, Gallery Framed and our newest -- ArtBlock Framed
Select images are available in these three formats: Heritage Collection, Over The Top Collection and A La Mode Collection.
Contemporary Mount

Contemporary Mount

Contemporary Mount Art4Kids is our core product and most popular price point. Art specifically constructed for a child’s world. Art that can be touched and explored without worry of glass to break. Art prints are laminated with a matte finish for protection, mounted to a wooden base and given a colored beveled edge for years of enjoyment. Choose from hundreds of images designed to stimulate, amuse and inspire children. Ready to hang with a wire hanger. All images available in Contemporary Mount To order a Contemporary Mount picture, simply use the five digit product number and the picture name.

Safe Pics Edge Colors

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Contemporary Mount with Beveled Edge: No prefix code to Item Number
Traditional Framed Art

Traditional Framed Art

Framed art is for consumers with a more traditional eye. Art4Kids takes the same true art print and laminates it - still child safe, no glass to break! The print is mounted to a wooden base and inserted into a solid wooden frame. Each picture has a standard frame color. All framed pictures come ready to hang with a wire hanger. To order a framed picture, put an FR prefix before the five digit product number and picture name.

True Art Print

True Art Print

Some consumers want an even more customized look. If you have a customer who loves an Art4Kids image, but wants a custom frame, mat and glass, you can order a print for them. We reccomend that you only special order these prints and do not stock them. To order the print alone, put a PR prefix before the five digit product number and picture name.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Art4Kids offers almost all images in ‘Creative Canvas,’ our own version of this popular presentation. Creative Canvas differs from the adult presentation in that it can be hung within a child’s reach. This ‘child’s world’ modification features a solid substrate that doesn’t sag when touched, stands up to toys and can be wiped clean with any glass cleaner. Hang with wire hanger. Images will be approximately 1½ inches smaller than their mounted counterpart. To order a Gallery Wrapped Canvas, put a CA prefix before the five digit product number and picture name.

Over the Top

Over The Top

Over the Top is all about fun! These handcrafted pictures start as our Contemporary Mounted Pictures and are embellished with three dimensional elements like rhinestones, marabou, wheels and seashells. Pictures available in the Over the Top format are shown in their own category in the On Line Catalog. To order an Over the Top put an OT prefix before the five digit product number and picture name.